Friday, 8 May 2015

Breast Lift & Reduction Surgery Cost

Breast size is important for a woman, as it is part of what makes her feel desirable and good about herself. Consequently, having breast surgery to adjust breast size and shape can improve self-esteem. If you're thinking about going this route it's important to do research and find a plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable so you can discuss candidly your expectations, goals and financial concerns.

Known as a mastopexy, breast lift surgery involves raising and firming the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour and placing the nipple and areola higher on the chest wall. This is a good option for women who have lost a lot of weight or whose pregnancy has left them with sagging or drooping breasts. Breast Lift with Augmentation at World Class Hospital in India - $4200 US Dollars.

If you don't have enough breast tissue to reshape your breasts your plastic surgeon may suggest replacing lost fullness with implants, which are placed underneath the muscle to reshape the breasts instead of using existing tissue.

If your breasts are heavy and cause back and neck pain, poor posture and limit your ability to participate in certain activities, breast reduction surgery, also known as a mammoplasty, is an option. Breast reduction surgery may be covered by insurance if the procedure is deemed medically necessary and not cosmetic. Cost Estimate for Breast Reduction at World Class Hospital in India - $4200 US Dollars

The Surgery

Breast surgery is performed in the hospital or a doctor's office under general anesthesia and can last between two and three hours, depending on the procedure being done. Do not smoke for a period leading up to and after the surgery and follow your doctors instructions about eating and drinking prior to surgery.


As with any other type of surgery it takes time to recover. The first few days require wearing an elastic bandage or surgical bra over the gauze dressings. After they are removed a surgical bra must be worn for several weeks. Stitches are typically removed after one or two weeks, and you can expect your breasts to be swollen and tender.

Breast reduction surgery requires a recovery period of six months to a year before normal contours can be seen, and you may experience uncomfortable sensations in the nipple area. The recovery period for breast lift surgery is usually shorter---about six weeks---during which you will feel some numbness.

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