Thursday, 14 May 2015

Breast Augmentation in India

Breast Augmentation India is done to enlarge an underdeveloped breast or breast that become small. Technically known as Augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation is designed to surgically enhance breast size with breast implants. It can correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy, help balance a difference in size, or implemented as a reconstructive technique following breast surgery

Breast Augmentation techniques 
Breast Augmentation Delhi surgery involves using implants to fulfill your desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy. Breast implants (silicone implants or saline implants) may be placed either directly behind the breast tissue (subglandular) or behind the outer layer of chest wall muscles (submuscular).

When to Consider Breast Augmentation

  • If you wish your clothes fit better
  • If you want a better proportioned or more appealing figure
  • To restore symmetry if one of your breasts is smaller than the other
  • When pregnancy, weight loss or aging has affected the size and shape of your breasts

To transform small & underdeveloped breasts into larger & fuller ones is what every woman craves for.This procedure of breast augmentation can safely accomplish this feat thereby not only giving a inflated bust size but also a inflated self esteem. Breast augmentation is usually performed as an out patient procedure.The results are immediate. One can go back home the same day.Routine activities can be resumed from the very next day.However one has to avoid exercises and lifting heavy objects for a couple of weeks.

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  1. Call us at +91-9711586419 for a Free No Obligation Opinion or mail us at

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  4. Hi...
    I like this post...
    If you know about breast reduction without surgery treatment for all women.

    1. Many women find overly large breasts to be an unwelcome burden, For women who have begun the menopause or experienced an early menopause, MicroLipo Breast Reduction offers the chance to feel comfortable and confident. For those who have not yet reached the menopause, surgical breast reduction is normally the best way forward.

      The advantages of MicroLipo (Breast Liposuction) for breast reduction are:
      1.No General Anaesthetic
      2.No Surgical Scars
      3.Minimal Trauma to Breast Tissue
      4.Rapid recovery. The typical patient can return to work and normal social activity within two to three days after surgery
      5.Minimal risks of postoperative complications

  5. Hello,

    I am so very tired with my under sized breast. I want have breast augmentation on October this year. But didn't got any appointment yet from any clinic.

    I need to know some name of best (South Korea) Seoul medical center for breast enlargement/ breast augmentation. I am so worried about my under sized breast. Is there any other way of breast enlargement that I can apply from home until I go for the surgery?

    Currently I am staying in Bangladesh for job purpose but I am from Korea. So if would do the breast surgery in Korea will be more reliable for me.
    If anybody has any idea about the way of breast enlargement please share with me here.

    1. We provide surgery but only in India, here you can get easily appointment, So, in future if you are interested, then contact us through mail at or call us +91-9711586419